Covid-19 and its impact on bird watching – survey

Covid-19 and its impact on bird watching - survey

The Covid-19 outbreak has serious health and well-being consequences and has led to several government measures to combat the disease. This study aims to assess how Covid-19 has influenced the behavior of bird watchers: For example, changes in their preferred locations or changes in the temporal pattern. Such changes will have a major impact on data collection for citizen science platforms, but will also affect the personal environment. The data collected in this study should enable social scientists to assess the changes around the world and provide insights into how Covid-19 has affected our recreational activity. The results will be published in an open access journal to enable unrestricted reading.

The study is carried out by the University of Tübingen in Germany and is led by a team of people who are also bird watchers. You can fill out the survey here:

Bird watchers twitching a little yellow leg, Copyright Chris Lansdell, from the Surfbirds Galleries