Coho fly fishing techniques explained

Coho fly fishing techniques explained

Photo credit Ashley Nichole Lewis

Is a Coho fly fishing on your bucket list? Often referred to as the “Autumn Prince” or Silver Salmon, the Koho is a favorite among fly anglers due to its aggressive nature and fighting ability. If you hope to tell a story about the silver victory after fishing; However, you need to learn the techniques that will help you earn the takes.

The Upper Kenai River in Alaska, the Kamishak River in Alaska, and the Hoh River on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington are some great places to see Coho salmon in flight. Check the local fisheries reports for up-to-date information on the time of flight for each area.

Before we learn a few coho fly fishing tips and techniques, let’s go over the equipment. In most cases you will be covered with a 9-foot fly rod with 8 weights and a multi-tip line system. You should also have a supply of 9 foot leaders in the 10 to 20 pound range and make sure your reel has a support capacity of 150 to 200 yards.

Remove strreamer pattern

Stripping streamers is one of the most popular fly fishing techniques used for koho. Streamers are baitfish patterns that are quickly accessed using a stop-and-go stripping action. If the fish doesn’t seem interested, change the speed and length of your strips. The goal is to mimic the action of a distressed bait fish.

Dead drifting nymphs

If you fish over uneven river beds or hold static, you can use a dead drift technique with floating fly line and a weighted fly that mimics a local insect nymph or salmon eggs. Throw the nymph slightly upstream and allow it to drift downstream, generally close to the bottom. This technique may also involve the occasional use of strike indicators (small, colorful swimmers).

Popping topwater tiles

If you live together in tidal rivers and streams, try topwater flies made from foam or deer hair. Two surface flies that are commonly used for fly fishing in circles are the popper wog and the pollywog (try pink or purple colors). Use short, quick strips that will cause the fly to gargle or burst on the surface. Don’t be surprised if a Coho starts clear of the water to indulge in your offer.

With fly fishing tips and techniques like this, you will be better prepared to catch a fall prince in Alaska or the Pacific Northwest.