Celebrate 50 years – Wild & Scenic Rivers System

Celebrate 50 years - Wild & Scenic Rivers System

Stephanie Vatalaro


Commemoration of the birth of river protection

Wild and scenic rivers capture the essence of rivers that flow, wander, gush, wander and weave.

From the remote Alaska, Idaho, and Oregon rivers to rivers that flow through the rural New Hampshire, Ohio, and Massachusetts countryside, they offer great experiences that will impress the indifferent and inspire the choir. You are the lifeblood of American history.

This story began in the 1960s when outdoor enthusiasts and visionary Congressmen called for the creation of a protected system of free flowing rivers to offset America’s rampant rampant policies. With the passage of the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act of 1968, the National Wild and Scenic River System was created, which today protects more than 19,000 km of rivers in 40 states and Puerto Rico for recreation, habitat, scenery, and cultural heritage of fish and wildlife.

In 2018, we’re celebrating the 50th anniversary of the birth of our wilderness and landscape river system by recognizing that everyone has a role to play in managing free flowing rivers and ensuring future water quality.

Inspirational community building

Plans are underway to promote activism regarding locally protected and unprotected rivers in communities across America by:

Resources: An online event toolkit that communities can use to plan awareness, education, stewardship, and advocacy events.

Basic tour: Individuals, local chapters and organizational members of the national umbrella water group; Waterways and watershed organizations; public land management and advocacy organizations, particularly those with local divisions such as the Sierra Club and Conservation Corps; Equipment and management companies that are members of the America Outdoors Association; Outdoor industry companies and their businesses.

Stephanie Vatalaro

Stephanie Vatalaro

Stephanie Vatalaro is the vice president of communications for the Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation and its Take Me Fishing and Vamos A Pescar campaigns, recruiting new people into recreational fishing and boating, and raising awareness about water conservation. Stephanie grew up in the Florida Keys as the daughter of a Flats Fishing Guide. Outside of work, she can be seen fishing and boating with her family on the Potomac River in northern Virginia.