CattyCorner: 7 Questions Cat parents can’t help but ask

CattyCorner: 7 Questions Cat parents can't help but ask

Greetings, paw-like human minions!

Forrest Wisewhiskers are back again with answers to your most burning cat questions.

For today’s chat, I’d like to answer the questions my parents keep asking me. I’m sure they know the answers to their regular questions, but they still think I’m a strange creature. In fair enough, I think the same of them and often wonder why they are doing what they are doing.

But unlike them, I don’t always ask about their reasoning. But parents are curious and ask the same fugitive questions almost every time I do certain things. So to all curious cat parents, here are the answers you’re looking for!

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The questions my parents like to ask

# 1 – why do cats put their butts in your face?

Cats pop their butts in their faces when they trust you. Feel honored to receive this opinion! Cats get to know each other by sniffing each other. If I trust you enough to give you a touch of the fluffy keister, you should be glad I allow you to learn so much about me.

And on the subject of cat stubs …

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# 2 – why do cats go crazy when you scratch the base of their tail?

Oh, just thinking about a good cock scraper makes me want to get stupid. With the large cluster of nerves right where the tail and back meet, we can’t help but toss the tail up and indulge in the emotions when we are petted there. But all that good nerve stimulation can quickly become too much, causing a lucky cat to quickly change moods and bite you when it’s had enough. There’s a fine line between feeling nice and feeling overwhelmed when it comes to rubbing nerve centers.

# 3 – why do cats meow on locked doors?

We want to know what you are hiding from us. Why close a door when you’re not trying to keep secrets? Cats don’t like secrets, at least they don’t like human secrets. We may all keep cat secrets to ourselves, but the henchmen are not allowed to withhold information from their cats. We’re curious and need to see what’s behind this door! Meowing is our demand for satisfaction. Or because we are bored. Anyway, keep your cat entertained good person!

# 4 – why don’t cats stare at anything?

We never stare at anything for the record. But to confirm your worst fears, we stare at the ghosts that haunt the house. I’m just having fun. Or am I?

Why don't cats stare at anything?

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It is true that cats can see what humans cannot, but most likely we are not communicating with a poltergeist. A touch of dust in the breeze, it’s like a dance of fascination. Slanted rays of the sun that move very easily across the floor, poetry in motion. The nothing you see is a wonderland of entertainment for the cat’s eye.

# 5 – Why Are Cats Crazy About Shoes?

Sorry for my crassness, but your feet stink so good!

Human feet are heavily scented thanks to thousands of sweat glands. Not only does the foot odor emanate from these glands, but also a complex miasm that contains pheromones. This bouquet of foot scent creates a stronger version of the scent your cat knows than you do. So when we sniff socks, shoes, and your feet, we indulge in the stench that you are, your kitten’s favorite servant.

Why do cats like feet?

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# 6 – why do cats get the zoomies after pooping?

The simple answer? Poop feels good! But the scientific answer behind poop zoomies is vagus nerve stimulation. The vagus nerve runs from the brain down the spine and sometimes sends a shot of poo-phoria through the cat’s body as we fill the litter box. You just feel so good after unloading; What could be nicer than galloping through the house in thunder paw style ?!

Poop zoomies

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# 7 – Why is canned cat food turning gray around the edges?

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve heard mom open a can of cat food and ask, “Why is the meat on the outside of the pie bread dark?” Get ready for science folks, because here it comes. Canned meat is sealed against the elements, but sometimes air remains trapped in the can and this can cause oxidation in the meat. This chemical change in the pigments that make meat pink and red causes the food to take on a gray or brownish tinge.

Don’t worry though; This is not an indication of spoilage. Bad food will offend the nostrils with its rancidity. Also, spoiled canned food usually causes swelling in the can. If the cat food is gray around the edges of a freshly opened can, but is still pink in the middle and doesn’t have any foul smells, it is most likely good to go. Chances are, your cat won’t even notice the discolored edges.

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While Kitty Dear may not care about a little oxidation, he will notice an empty pet bowl, so with that …

Don’t forget to feed the cat.

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