Cat with a perfectly shaped heart on its back is looking for family to love

Cat with a perfectly shaped heart on its back is looking for family to love

A shelter cat with a perfectly shaped heart on its back is looking for a family to love it forever.

Rutile the cat has a perfect heart on his BackLollypop farm

Rutile, a 2-year-old ginger and white cat, was brought to Lollypop Farm (an animal rescue organization in Fairport, New York) earlier this year. He was one of over 90 cats rescued from a house fire in Perinton, New York.

“Rutile had a number of injuries related to the fire – when it got to Lollypop Farm it was covered in soot, had scorched whiskers and fur, an upper respiratory tract infection and terrible burns on all four paws,” Lollypop Farm said Dear meow.

Despite everything, the cute cat was in a good mood and grateful for the attention and help.

Rutile the cat gets a head scratch while recovering from Lollypop Farm

He wanted to be loved from the start. Whenever a staff member or volunteer visited him during his recovery, he would get up comfortably from his warm bed and reach for pets and scratches on his head. Rutile was gracious and all he wanted was someone to take care of him.

The friendly cat was born with an adorable shaped marker symbolizing love. It really adds to his lovable character. “Rutile seeks love – and he has the heart to prove it!”

Rutile the cat was rescued from a house fire on Lollypop Farm

“A special thing about Rutile is the fact that it has a perfect heart-shaped mark on its back and is a total love,” Lollypop shared with Farm Love Meow.

The cute kitten proudly wears his heart on his back every day and is not afraid to show his abundance of affection for people. He enjoys every moment with his people, especially when he is cuddled in their arms or lets himself be caressed.

A perfectly shaped heart on the back of the cat Lollypop Farm

While he was on the mend and receiving daily treatment for his injuries, veterinarians also found that he had a soft palate, essentially a cleft palate. “Rutile had surgery to fix this and is still receiving veterinary care at Lollypop Farm.”

Rutile has come a long way since it was saved from the house fire. He becomes more active and playful every day and his inner kitten comes out. The cute cat will soon be ready to embark on a new journey – to find his home forever.

He carries his heart on his BackLollypop farm

He has turned into a happy and healthy cat who doesn’t want to miss any opportunity to get involved. As soon as he spots a moving toy, he takes off and chases after it.

Check out Rutile the cat in this cute video:

Rutile the cat

The cute boy passes out everyone he meets and fills their hearts with so much love.

“He’s a cute, affectionate cat who loves head-scratchers and gentle pets. Rutile loves hunting wand toys and head-butting,” Lollypop shared with Farm Love Meow.

Rutile the cat is a totally loveLollypop farm

“He’s been through so much and is still so loving – we just know that he will be a wonderful pet when he’s ready to find a family.”

Lollypop Farm

Share this story with your friends. Rutile will be available for adoption soon. Please visit their website for more information. Follow more updates on Rutile and Lollypop Farm on Facebook and Instagram.

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