Cat took in kittens found in the garden and touched people’s hearts with what she did

Cat took in kittens found in the garden and touched people's hearts with what she did

One cat took up a tiny kitten that was found alone in a garden and helped change her life.

Malaika the cat who takes care of her foster kittenMagdalena @tymczasemumagdy

A good Samaritan woman found a calico in her garden that was crying for her mother, who never came back to her. They couldn’t leave the kitten to fend for themselves and scooped it up for their help.

Magdalena Jaźwińska, an animal rescuer and carer, stepped forward when the kitten needed 24/7 care and a lot of care. “She was about 2.5 weeks old and her mother abandoned her,” Magdalena shared with Love Meow.

Magdalena immediately went to work, fed the kitten and nursed it back to health. She has two house cats, and one of them, Malaika, the silver tabby, responded instantly to the new kitten’s cry.

Magdalena @tymczasemumagdy

A few days later, when the calico (called the mafia) was healthy and ready to meet other cats, Malaika welcomed them with open arms. She volunteered to be a full-time kitten sitter and decided to take on some of the grooming duties.

Malaika stood guard when the kitten got her bottle. After each feeding, she washed her face so lovingly and cuddled her to sleep.

Magdalena @tymczasemumagdy

The calico could not withstand the love frenzy of the nurturing silver tabby. It melted quickly in the rumbling purr and snuggled into Malaika’s fur for an intense cuddle.

“Malaika is the friendliest animal ever. She loves whatever care or rescue I bring home,” Magdalena told Love Meow.

Magdalena @tymczasemumagdy

Magdalena had a dog named Sushi who used to be the surrogate mother for orphaned kittens. After she passed away a few months ago at the age of 18, Malaika came and quickly crept into her heart.

The silver tabby offered to comfort a rescued kitten one day and has been a wonderful assistant to Magdalena and her carers ever since.

silver tabby, cute kitten

Baby MalaikaMagdalena @tymczasemumagdy

She showered them with licks and cuddles them all day and all night so they don’t feel alone.

“I am always amazed at how friendly and loving Malaika is towards my keepers. She is like sushi (the dog) in a cat’s skin,” wrote Magdalena.

Magdalena @tymczasemumagdy

Malaika’s love for the calico kitten has touched the hearts of many on social media.

Whenever Mafia wanted a little more TLC, the cute tabby wrapped her arms or body around her and assured the kitten that she was safe.

She was always there when the kitten needed a buddy.

Magdalena @tymczasemumagdy

The kitten learned all sorts of feline skills from her mentor, who showed her how to eat from a bowl, groom like a cat, and cuddle with other kittens.

Magdalena @tymczasemumagdy

She has grown in size and caliber and has developed into a cheeky and playful cat.

Magdalena @tymczasemumagdy

“Mafia would imitate everything Malaika did. As I approached the refrigerator, Malaika ran up to me and meowed between my legs. Mafia ran after her, meowed to her and walked between her feet.”

cute cat, kitten, calico

Teach the kitten how to eat from a bowlMagdalena @tymczasemumagdy

When the calico was big enough to be adopted, they wanted to find the perfect home for the little, deserving kitten. A family with two cats of their own fell head over heels in love with the little girl.

“When they met, it was love at first sight.”

happy kitten, calico, silver tabby

Magdalena @tymczasemumagdy

Mafia has completed the care and moved in with their eternal family. Her new feline siblings warm up to her, and her older brother Igor starts playing with her.

The Calico may be the smallest member in her new home, but she has a great personality and a lot of love to give.

Mafia the kitten and Igor the cat at home foreverMagdalena @tymczasemumagdy

Malaika is so proud of her little graduate and now she takes care of other kitties who need her.

“She hugs them, sleeps with them and cleans them and does what she loves.”

Malaika continues to help animals in needMagdalena @tymczasemumagdy

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