Cat shows up outside the family home to have her kittens and adopts 2 more who needed them

Cat shows up outside the family home to have her kittens and adopts 2 more who needed them

A cat showed up outside a family home to have its kittens and eventually helped some orphans as well.

Sunflower the catKara @azkittenfostermama

A few weeks ago, Kara Yancey, a volunteer caregiver with Living The Dream Rescue (in Phoenix, Arizona), spotted a cat peeking through the screen door outside her home. Maybe the cat knew that something about Kara’s home just felt right.

“Every year when the weather turns nice we open our living room window (with the screen installed) and our own cat Charlie somehow pulls pregnant women out to our back porch,” Kara told Love Meow.

“One night, Sunflower (an orange stray) popped up on our porch, so we started feeding her. We could tell she was pregnant right away.”

Sunflower the cat showed up as a stray Kara @azkittenfostermama

The expectant mother cat was very shy at first and would not let anyone near. She kept coming back to her house and patiently waiting outside for food.

A couple of weeks passed, and the cat began to warm up at their food providers and even allowed them to pet her. Nobody stepped forward to claim the tabby, so Kara knew along with her rescue that they had to help.

Kara @azkittenfostermama

It took her a while to gain her trust, but when Sunflower took the leap of faith to move into Kara’s house, things started to change.

When she realized she was safe, Sunflower became very affectionate and just wanted to be petted.

Kara @azkittenfostermama

A few days after moving inside, the cute tabby gave birth to five healthy kittens (three boys and two girls).

“We brought them in just in time. We named the kittens after plants and flowers, just like them: aster, clover, violet, iris and sage,” shared Kara Love Meow.

Mother cat sunflower and her kittens Kara @azkittenfostermama

Sunflower devoted herself entirely to her precious litter. She was so pleased to have a roof over her head and never have to worry about food again.

Perhaps fate had brought Sunflower to Kara’s home for something else as well. A week later, Kara received a message from her rescue that two newborn kittens had been left in a Kleenex box outside a veterinarian’s office.

Sunflower’s Five Precious KittensKara @azkittenfostermama

The kittens were in very bad shape and hung by a thread. The vet cleaned them up, started on antibiotics, and brought them back from the sidelines.

“Then our rescue team tried to see if we could take these babies. They wanted to see if Sunflower would accept them as their own. It was their best chance of survival since they were so young and frail.”

Leaving kittens in a Kleenex box outside a veterinarian’s office Kara @azkittenfostermama

When the two orphans arrived, Momma Sunflower got up from her nest and immediately looked around at the crying babies.

“She must have heard her meow because when I walked into her room, she was waiting for me at the door and was very worried,” Kara told Love Meow.

Sunflower the cat cuddles with her kittens, including 2 adopted babiesKara @azkittenfostermama

“The moment I put the new kittens in front of her, she began to bathe and groom them. She was very protective and wrapped her paws around them.”

Check out Sunflower and her journey in this video:

Sunflower the cat and its kittens

Sunflower loves her own kittens and the two adopted babies. Since breastfeeding seven is a lot of work, Kara offers extra feedings to make sure all kittens are well fed and properly cared for.

Kara @azkittenfostermama

“I’m happy to report that all seven babies are doing very well and that the two new babies (Cedar and Ren) have gained a lot of weight and are thriving,” said Kara Love Meow.

Sunflower blooms into a well-adapted house cat. “When the kittens are weaned and big enough, they are repaired, microchipped and adopted in good homes. Sunflowers are also repaired and microchipped and put at home forever so that they no longer have to live on the streets.”

Kara @azkittenfostermama

“Sunflower has grown to be one of the cutest, most loving foster cats we’ve ever had. She’s the best mom for her own babies and a fantastic surrogate mom for the orphans.”

Kara @azkittenfostermama

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