Cat rescued in LaGuardia airport blanket lost after 11 days of worry

Cat rescued in LaGuardia airport blanket lost after 11 days of worry

Muji the cat cannot express how happy she is to be home safe and sound after a terrible mishap while moving from the east coast to the west.

For 11 days, Muji ran scared into the ceiling of LaGuardia Airport after being separated from her mother at a TSA checkpoint.

As they were preparing to fly from New York City to California on Christmas Eve, mother cat Ashley Le Muji had to be removed from her carrier at the urging of TSA agents. Ashley knew the idea was risky and when she told the New York Post, “I said, ‘She’s going to run. Do i have to get them out? ‘”

Muji actually had to come out.

“We went through the metal detector and she got scared, bit me, freaked out, and ran away.”

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A terrible ordeal for both cat and mother

A wild chase followed and almost ended when Muji settled in the checkpoint area. But in her distress, when Ashley arrived, the tuxedo cat flew to the ticket office in the southwest again. From there, Muji hopped on the luggage scale and Ashley “was afraid she would jump on the conveyor belt.”

However, Muji took a different route and rushed into a mechanical room where workers were trying to grab the panicked cat, but “it only made it worse.”

Muji used her cat to tie a series of platforms to the ceiling and disappeared completely from view.

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Beside herself, Ashley skipped her flight and stayed to look for Muji. But a day later, when no cat could be found, the distraught mother cat had “no shelter. I had nothing.”

“I didn’t know what to do, so I got on my flight the next day.”

Mothers don’t give up

But she didn’t stop looking for her cat, even if she had to do it from afar. Ashley posted a plea on Facebook and was affiliated with Where is Jack ?, Inc., a group founded to commemorate Jack the cat and whose porter was dropped off before a flight that led to his escape to the JFK in 2011. Airport led. Missing for two months later, Jack finally fell from the airport ceiling and succumbed to the trauma of his ordeal. His family formed the group to ensure animal safety before, during, and after the flights.

Mary Beth Melchior, Ph.D., co-founder of Where Is Jack ?, stated, “The Queens Lost & Found has been notified [Muji] being lost. Our people are monitoring this on Facebook. “

From there the animal lovers went “into action”.

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The group contacted the airport and was given permission to call in a special member of their team to do the search. Abby, the sniffer dog, confirmed that Muji was still in the blanket.

On the news, Ashley hopped back to New York on a plane to join the hunt and even tried the trick of cracking the cat food can, but even that didn’t work. The familiar sound of dinner, however, must have helped whet her appetite to see her again. Just a few days later, Muji was caught in a trap and saved the brave cat from her ordeal!

Ashely said, “I started crying. It was a miracle. “

Lessons for the future

For her flight home, Ashley already has a safer idea of ​​how to fly a cat.

“This time I have a TSA harness for her and I will insist on having a private screening.”

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Like many of us, Ashley had no idea about TSA protocols for passing animals through security checkpoints. Logic assumes that cats would stay in their carriers. As a TSA representative told The Post, the policy requires animals to be removed from their carriers during screening to avoid “exposure to X-rays”.

The TSA website also states, “Please take your pet out of the carrier bag and put the bag through the X-ray machine. You should maintain control of your pet with a leash and remember to remove the leash when carrying your pet through the metal detector. Animal carriers will undergo visual and / or physical inspection. “

While the incident was terrifying, Muji is now safe and sound with Ashley! From this experience, Ashley and other concerned cat parents learned another lesson in keeping our cats happy and healthy.

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