Budweiser could show your dog’s picture on a can!

Budweiser could show your dog's picture on a can!

Budweiser brings joy in the best possible way this Christmas season. A 2020 Christmas beer can from the brewery with a Dalmatian puppy named Brewski got pretty positive feedback, of course. As a result, Budweiser decided to partner with the popular social media account “We Rate Dogs” to find some new dog can models.

If you’re not familiar with “We Rate Dogs” there is a fun account on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter that provides “official reviews” of people’s dogs based on the photos they submit. The ratings are out of 10 but the joke is usually that the dogs get the wrong faction ratings (mostly 12 and 13/10 according to my observation). The Twitter account has nearly 9 million dog-loving followers. They also continuously accept photo submissions.

@ dog_rates / Twitter

Budweiser presented the competition in a Facebook post:

“We put our Dalmatian Brewski in our vacation tin, and your dog could be next! Show your puppies in the comments and we can get them featured in a vacation tin. “

Budweiser started the competition with the legendary profile picture of We Rate Dogs on a beer can.

@ Budweiserusa / Twitter

This picture gives you a pretty good idea of ​​what the cans will look like, except with your dog’s photo!

Competition for the can

Facebook users flocked to the comment section and shared the cutest pictures of their dogs in hopes that they would be introduced like Brewski. Dogs like Austin:

Kim Sisco / Facebook

“Austin would like to be on a beer can. It’s a great way to show that dogs with disabilities can be just as great and active as other dogs. “-Kim Sisco on Facebook

Roxy is also already registered to win:

@ HJPettinger / Twitter

“The best can in the world would be if Roxy, the husky, came across snow for the first time. It was then that I realized what she had missed in life. “

To participate, all you have to do is comment on Budweiser’s Facebook post with a photo of your dog or tweet #Pupweiser with the picture. Budweiser will randomly select the winners to receive a special Budweiser holiday tin, personalized with a photo of their dog. The competition looks tough, but who says your pup won’t win the award?

@ Budweiserusa / Twitter

Good luck! Either way, all of your dogs are winners for me (and probably @dog_rates too). Keep an eye on the Budweiser social pages or We Rate Dogs’ pages for updates. Um, sorry, I mean “Pupdates”.

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Featured image: @ budweiserusa / Twitter