Brave Chicken takes three orphaned kittens under her wing

Brave Chicken takes three orphaned kittens under her wing

Cats love chicken in their food bowls, but do they actually love live chickens?

Three orphaned kittens do it safe after a hen takes them under her wing. Fortunately, the farmer who found them together had his camera ready and caught a video of the delightful discovery. The incredible moment is almost 350,000 views on TikTok.

When the Kurdish farmer Goran A. Surchi heard meowing from his chicken coop, he sensed difficulties, perhaps a cat trying to make a meal out of a chicken. But when he got to the stable, he didn’t find any cats, yet there were small stables in the air.

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Hen Lee sat undisturbed, chuckling softly and seemed undisturbed by the cats that haunted the stable. Goran approached the chicken and noticed the cat sounds coming from under her. Before doing any further research, he took out his camera knowing this would be a sight to behold.

Goran said to Bored Panda: “When I noticed that the meows were coming out from under the chicken, I decided to include it in order not to miss this unique moment.”

His instincts were right.

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As they picked up the big hen and her feather skirt, three little tabby kitten buttocks appeared! But these tabby babies were not shy and immediately greeted Goran from the warmth of their adoptive mother’s shelter.

Where’s Mama?

While the kittens were safe with Chicken Mother Lee, one more question remained, where was their mother?

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Unfortunately, Goran discovered the unfortunate answer: “She drowned in a lake near the farm.” And somehow Lee, the chicken, sensed that these babies were alone and needed to be mothered.

“Amazing how our chicken seemed to know the story and decided to take care of the kittens.”

@ goran.surchi / TikTok
@ goran.surchi / TikTok

More proof that animals are pure souls and we love them so much for it! As for the kittens, Goran posted a video on TikTok two days after finding Lee and the kittens revealing the discovery of another mother cat and her kittens.

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Perhaps Lee’s furry brood can have a few dates with them while Goran is watching, of course. After all, cats love chicken, and while the kittens don’t starve leeward, the newfound mom is a lively thing that looks like she’s sure to enjoy a taste of fresh hen!

Lee and her kittens aren’t the only cat and chicken combo that steals hearts. Check out this cool cat and the chicks who love him!

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