Best River Salmon Bait: A river salmon bait primer

Best River Salmon Bait: A river salmon bait primer

In the broadest sense, spinners, floating drift rigs, pouring spoons, flies, and wiggling plugs are the best salmon baits for rivers. Silver or chrome are particularly popular hard bait finishes, and many river salmon baits come in a light color, especially orange or red / pink. These colors are seen in generally clear rivers and mimic natural-looking salmon eggs. Canned or counterfeit fish eggs, used individually or in clumps, can be fished simply with a weight and bare hook or as part of a drift rig.

Special features of the salmon bait

The best river salmon baits include two items that spin: stand-alone in-line spinners and winged drift bobber rigs. Among in-line spinners, versions with a single and generally wide rotary blade are best. Larger (and heavier) models are required in fast and deep water. Winged Drift Bobbers are not spinners, but floating swimmers with wings and are part of drift rigs. A weight or circuit board brings the rig down. The float spins with the movement of the current, helping to keep a trailing hook (baited with eggs) right off the bottom while providing color and action.

Suitable ladle spoons are sturdy, and large versions are better for large rivers, fast rivers, and deep water. Like most river baits, they shouldn’t be found quickly. moderate wobbling is preferred. As with other freshwater fish, attach the spoon and spinner to a high-quality rotary knob to prevent the line from twisting.

Flies vary greatly in appearance and size. Streamers with an eye-catching bandage with bright colors are popular in large bodies of water. Sparsely tied flies, which are little more than colored thread on a small hook, are effective in smaller and shallow rivers. Weighted flies help reach depth where legal. Usually a sinking line is required for flies. Learn about bait fishing and prepare for your next prime fishing season!

Aggressively wobbling plugs are river salmon baits used to clear deep holes and barrels while fishing from an anchored or slow drifting boat. Typical of the unique Kwikfish are that these are not poured and retrieved, but held in place downstream against the current.

Important tips for instructions / guides

We can’t talk about the best river salmon baits without realizing that river salmon migrate upstream to spawn and not actively feed. They still strike bait but don’t hunt it. Please pay attention to the following:

  • Regardless of which river salmon baits are used, you need to place them deep and right in front of fish that are more likely to attract attention out of habit, reflex, or anger than hunger.
  • Salmon hug the bottom of the river and rest in pools and deep water. They are rarely caught in fast water.
  • When casting, drop the bait slightly upstream and quartered and drift with the current to the end of the swing
  • Offers must jump or swim along or near the bottom; The correct weight of the bait or sinker is important. Too little and the offer never reaches the bottom and is ineffective; too much and it becomes unnatural or stuck repeatedly.

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