Best places to fish in West Michigan

Best places to fish in West Michigan

The state of Michigan has 3,288 miles of freshwater coastline, more than any other state in the US, making it an incredible fishing destination. Adventure seekers can experience endless possibilities with 36,000 miles of rivers and streams, 11,000 lakes, and over 150 species including bass, salmon, walleye, and trout. It’s no surprise that fishing is a popular local pastime and West Michigan is a great area to get to your destinations. Read on for the best places to fish in West Michigan.

1. Lake Michigan

At one of the five Great Lakes and a world famous cold water fishery, you’ll find diverse populations of salmon and trout, including steelhead, coho, chinook salmon, rainbow, brown, and more. If thrill seekers is in search of a thrill, this is one of the best places in West Michigan to get a deep sea sport fishing experience.

2. Mackinac Island

Add a bit of cultural flair to your trip with a visit to historic Mackinac Island. Incredible architecture, tall cliffs, no cars and known for legendary West Michigan salmon, steelhead, musk and whitefish fishing.

3. Muskegon River

The Muskegon River is one of the best places to fish all year round in West Michigan. Healthy populations of brown and rainbow trout, as well as migratory species such as chinook salmon and steelhead, make this diverse fishery a popular choice for all types of fishing activities.

4. St. Joseph River

This river is equipped with a high quality steel head and attracts avid fly fishermen from all over the world to test their skills. While some enjoy wading, this large river is best fished by boat. In certain sections, blackfish and pikeperch are also highlighted.

5. Chippewa River

Drift boaters, kayakers, and canoeists are best for fishing in this river as there are small rapids and white water in some sections. The most popular species are musk, black bass, pikeperch and pike.

Before you go fishing in West Michigan, find out about the state’s fishing license requirements. Find out about local fishing reviews or book a professional charter guide for the ultimate experience and local knowledge of the best fishing spots.