Adorable pit bull enjoys bath time in Tik Tock video

Adorable pit bull enjoys bath time in Tik Tock video

Dog bath time has never been a favorite in our household. Although our dogs behave well and love the water, for everyone involved it is at best barely bearable to get them into the tub, soapy them and scrub them. I’ve always thought it had to be, one of those tedious rituals that good dog owners have regularly performed, like trimming your dog’s nails and cleaning their ears. I also feel bad for the dogs, they don’t like it that much. Then I saw this Tik Tok clip of Darren, an adorable pit bull who loves his bath time. While his Australian mother dog was sharing her spa ritual, I watched this cute dog enjoy his “washing up” – a gentle soap and rinse with warm water, some fresh fruit snacks, and a thorough fluff dry with a soft towel. Darren is very popular throughout and responds with a gentle calm. He finishes the clip on his back wrapped in a towel and loves his life.

I’m not sure our dogs will enjoy future bath times in the same way … but it gives us something to strive for!

I later discovered that Darren is one of the namesake of Darren and Phillip, a Melbourne-based dog fashion brand. Australia. The company’s digital and social media presence suggests it is actively raising money for dog rescues “around the world”. They make cute looking dog clothes if that’s your cup of tea.

Original sound – Darren and Phillip