Abused broken leg puppy rescued after being thrown into the river

Abused broken leg puppy rescued after being thrown into the river

Lux, the 6 month old puppy, has had more than enough pain for a lifetime. His human tortured him to the point where he believed his life was over, but then the Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue saved the day. They rescued the puppy and took him away from his abusive human.

Poor Lux had broken bones and fractures all over his body. And on top of that, his human tried to throw him into a river after injuring him! Fortunately, this heartless person is being punished for their actions, but Lux has much healing to do before he is happy.

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A puppy’s tragedy

Lux’s human hit him badly, broke two legs and fractured his skull. It is reported that his front leg was also broken in one place, but it did not heal properly. While Lux was at his lowest point, his human hit him and tried to throw him into the Macomb County River in Michigan. With so many injuries, the puppy would likely have drowned if no help was on the way.

The police and detectives arrived just in time. They stopped the suspect from doing any further harm and took the puppy into custody. Lux was taken to a veterinarian for immediate medical treatment, which consisted of multiple surgeries.

“The puppy is currently receiving medical attention and has been found to have suffered horrific abuse for an extended period of time, resulting in multiple fractures and fractures of the leg, old and new, a fractured skull, and bruises on the head,” the Detroit wrote Pit Crew Dog Rescue on Facebook. “These injuries require multiple surgeries to be repaired. However, he is expected to make a full recovery.”

Image: @ Detroitpitcrew / Facebook

Lux has also been taken to a loving nursing home where he is given time to fully heal. He cannot be adopted until his injuries have been fully assessed.

Justice for Lux

Lux’s perpetrator is identified as a woman named Amber Sunde. Fortunately, the Macomb County Attorney’s Office has brought charges against them for this unforgivable act. She was charged with a number of third degree tortures, which was a four-year crime.

Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue will continue to release updates once Lux recovers. It is possible that they will have to amputate one of his legs, but they will do everything possible to avoid it. You just want his recovery process to be as quick and easy for him as possible. Then he can find the loving home he really deserves.

Image: @ Detroitpitcrew / Facebook

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