A community on the dock

A community on the dock

Nate and Chelsea Day


I like to eat fish. To be honest, that’s what drew me to fishing. I mean, why buy fish when I can get free fish?

A man once told Chelsea that fishing was just an excuse to have beer outside of the family. Fortunately, I don’t drink beer and I want to hang out with my kids all the time. It all depends on what is being done with them, how much fun it is.

Fishing is not something I and my family have always done. When I was a kid, some of my parents’ friends invited us to fish and go boating three times, if I remember correctly. The best memories I have were on the Columbia River in Washington, a beautiful place. It was fun sailing and fishing on the small boat with family and friends.

But that was a long time ago. Now I have to start over and figure out the details for another fishing trip. After an excellent trip camping in the mountains, I learned that I love trout fishing. I also learned that I can fish easily so that I can spend more time with the boys and have an excuse to sit down and drink chocolate milk.

Living in San Diego isn’t always easy, traveling to the mountains of Northern California with the kids. But I do have a number of piers that are easily accessible to go fishing with. You can fish there if you are a beginner or a professional angler. Coastal piers are public and free to fish in California as long as anglers follow rules about the size and amount of fish they are allowed to carry.

Chelsea and I hired the boys and headed to Oceanside to check out the fishing opportunities. I quickly learned that there is a balance between my new style of fishing and trout fishing.

Every hour I saved by driving to the pier as opposed to the mountains was an hour I spent holding a rod hoping a fish would be fooled by my squid bait. Besides, he had no idea what kind of fish he was going to catch.

Unlike the mountains, where my only companion was the cool breeze and the rustling of the pine trees, the pier was full of fishermen of all kinds. Some had simple fishing rods and some had chic. Some came with a single fishing rod and others with 8 fishing rods in hopes of improving their chances. I have also learned that wise fishermen bring a chair. There was a small shop in the middle of the dock that sold bait, buckets for fish, hooks, sinkers, and even fishing rods for rent. We took the advice of one of the fishermen who yelled at us: – Go to the end of the pier, on the right side, there the fish are biting.

He also gave us a sheet of the fish that can generally be caught on the pier, as well as the size and quantity restrictions for each. In the few docks I’ve been to, I’ve found that the best place to fish is at the end of the dock. There are many locals who know tricks and are happy to share them with other fishermen. Furthermore, it’s all a matter of patience and opportunity. Many anglers believe that the best time to fish is when the tide turns and that older piers are better suited to fishing than new piers because the old structure will attract more fish.

Another perk of being close to town is that there are plenty of options for dining and the guys love this. While they were enjoying their chocolate shakes and fries for which they are for, I befriended another fish on the pier and he told me he lived in Missouri and had come to a wedding but always wanted to fish from a pier on the pier. Pacific ocean.

I realized that fishing in a dock creates a certain community among all fishermen where they laugh and share their fishing tackle. That’s why many fishermen like to come to this pier to fish, knowing that their friends will fish too. Some fished, others walked side to side, others read a book, and others listened to the radio while sitting in a chair waiting to catch a fish.

At the end of the day I managed to catch something local called “barnacles”. I’m not sure what type of fish it is. I know that was a lot of fun. Next time, however, I’ll be back with a chair for me and the kids … and a cooler.

If any of you want to have a great day among happy people, I recommend going fishing. Find more information on getting started fishing and fun ideas for the TakeMeFishing.org family here. Here are the best places to fish and sail as a family in 2017.

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Nate and Chelsea Day

Nate and Chelsea Day

Proponents of brave family life, Nate and Chelsea Day, believe that small moments make a big impact. They share adventurous activities with their three boys (soon to be four!) On their blog “Someday I’ll Study”. Nate offers practical fatherhood and a direct approach to life’s challenges. Chelsea adds color with creative guides and commentary on the harsh life of a modern era. The blog culminates in a humorous diary that documents the daily exploits of the family.