6 King mackerel attracts every angler

6 King mackerel attracts every angler

King mackerel is one of the most popular wild fish in saltwater fishing. Many tournament rounds revolve around the species. Found in waters around Texas, Florida, and the Carolinas, and weighing an average of 20 pounds, king mackerel are known to fight a royal match. When fishing for king mackerel, large live bait is king. Frozen bait can be used but is best when it’s fresh. And when bait stocks are low, the kings certainly won’t deny big, shiny king mackerel baits. If counterfeiting is your preference, here are some king mackerel baits to help you land that saltwater royalty.

Your first task is to find the fish by slowly trolling it with king mackerel trolling bait. Diving birds can point to king fish feeding near the surface.

  1. Deep diving plug. These king mackerel lures have a metal or plastic lip that allows them to dive deep. Opt for a pattern that resembles a cigar minnow and pair it with a wire leader and light 40 pound braid to maximize depth.
  2. Vinyl skirts. Pull this colorful skirt over a frozen ballyhoo or cigar minnow. Use a flash to get attention.
  3. Trolling spoon. Use size 1, 2, or 3 diamond-shaped silver or gold spoons. Use keel-shaped trolling sinkers and swivels to keep the line from twisting. The shine will lure you into an epic blow.
  4. Tape fish bait. This eel-like fish is a staple of the kingfish diet and the lifelike baits are very effective at attacking kings.
  5. Bucktail Jig. When you find the fish trolling, throw and hop bucktail jigs to invite strikes.
  6. Topwater Popper. These fishing lures are best used when king fish are feeding near the surface.

Make sure to pair your king mackerel trolling lures with the wire leader to make sure they don’t fall prey to their sharp teeth. Try blue / silver colored baits in clear, green water and black / silver or red / white in darker water. Now that you are ready to catch the king, make sure your fishing license is up to date before entering the water. Tight lines !.