6 best reasons why you should adopt a stray dog

Why You Should Adopt a Stray Dog

When we’re outside, we’ve often seen random stray dogs slowly finding their way towards us. These poor creatures usually rely on humans for survival and protection. Only when we look into their eyes do we know the struggles they face every day.

Stray dogs are often very misunderstood, be it because of their appearance, health, or even behavior. Often, their appearance is due to the harsh conditions they live in and also the unsanitary foods they eat. Despite all odds, they manage to stay tougher than most purebred dogs.

Bringing a dog to our home is one of the best things we can do. However, bringing home a stray dog ​​in dire need of protection is even more virtuous. In this article, we are going to introduce you to some of the amazing reasons for adopting a stray dog ​​as it has a ton of benefits. Let’s see some of these

1) Street dogs are immensely loyal

Street dogs will be more loyal to you as there are hardly any people to feed them. Therefore, they instantly connect with those who provide them with food and shelter. As soon as they get close to you, they will risk their lives to ensure your safety.

When you adopt a stray dog ​​you are in one way and you eliminate all of their needs. For your kindness and kindness, the dogs want to pay their gratitude in the form of love and protection. In some ways, you may have earned yourself a true friend for life.

2) You show extraordinary intelligence

Studies have shown that stray dogs have this unique ability to understand human gestures. You may also have seen how smoothly they cross traffic. Their ability to grasp things quickly makes them very easy to train.

Street dogs show exceptional intelligence due to daily fighting. Since they are used to people around them, you won’t have any difficulty socializing them.

3) Have robust immunity

Stray dogs have strong immune responses because they are often mixed into breeds. This makes them less prone to inherited diseases that are more likely in purebred dogs. So it’s safe to say that you don’t have to take him to the vet every now and then.

Because of their robust immunity, you can also feed them homemade foods. But you absolutely have to keep them away Foods that are harmful to dogs.

4) You are literally saving a life

When you offer protection to a street dog you can literally save a life. You know the circumstances these dogs face outside as they face the wrath of frustrated people. They are often injured in accidents or from inhumane torture given by people.

You will erase all dog’s fears if you can give him a place in your house. They will be forever grateful to you for this virtuous gesture.

5) You save a lot of money

You have seen that it is expensive to buy purebred dogs from breeders. Plus, the sellers make no guarantees of how long they will live given the bad situations they are raised out of. It should also be recognized that purebred dogs are often born with birth defects and are prone to many diseases.

Not only will you save a lot of money by adopting stray dogs, but you will also get a strong and healthy pet. One can buy a sick puppy from breeders out of goodwill, but saying goodbye to them at a young age can be heartbreaking.

6) You’re indirectly shutting down those terrible puppy mills

A puppy mill is essentially a cruel, high volume dog breeding facility where puppies are only bred for profit while ignoring the needs of the puppies and their mothers. Often times, most puppy mill dogs are so unhealthy they can barely live to be your age. Most of the puppies sold in pet stores come exclusively from these puppy mills.

By adopting stray dogs, you can set an example to others to stop this inhumane industry that is only causing misery for dogs. If we can all increase the number of stray dogs we will make this world a better place for all dogs.


You’ve seen some of the best reasons to bring home a stray dog. Hardly anyone can describe this amazing feeling of sheltering the gentle souls that are on the street. Aside from feeding the dog’s life, you will witness a kinder side of you that you have never seen before.