5 Tampa Hot Fishing Hot Spots to Visit

5 Tampa Hot Fishing Hot Spots to Visit

Whether you want to fish in the condos, the mangrove shorelines, or even find a prime freshwater destination, there are plenty of Tampa Bay fishing hotspots to choose from. Use this list to help plan your midsummer fishing adventures in Tampa Bay.

1. Sunshine Skyway Fishing Pier State Park

For good fishing spots in Tampa Bay, check out the Sunshine Skyway Fishing Pier. There are two miles of fishing pier (the St. Petersburg side is half a mile long and the palmetto side is 1½ miles) which offers opportunities to catch species such as snook, tarpon, grouper, Spanish mackerel, cobia, sheep’s head. and Pompano. What’s one of the best things about this Tampa Bay fishing spot? That would be the fact that the Sunshine Skyway Fishing Pier is open 24/7, 365 days a year. There are daily entry fees. So be sure to check out Florida State Park’s website before you visit.

2. Fort DeSoto County Park

Fort DeSoto County Park has long been one of the best fishing spots in Tampa Bay, thanks in large part to the two easily accessible piers on the Gulf of Mexico and Tampa Bay. The Gulf Pier provides access to the open water, which means that species like Spanish mackerel, king mackerel, and sharks are fished in stronger currents with heavier fishing gear. The Bay Pier, on the other hand, is a protected spot where families can try light fishing for species such as redfish, snake, and trout.

3. Bishop’s Harbor

Located at the mouth of Tampa Bay, you’ll find some of the best fishing in Tampa for redfish, snakes and trout. Bishop’s Harbor contains mangrove shorelines and shallow plains, which serve as the primary habitat for these popular saltwater coastal species. Don’t forget to check a local tide map for Bishop’s Harbor when planning your trip. Possibly this location is most productive if you are fishing in the final hours of a high tide. Access to Bishop’s Harbor is via a sandboat ramp on Bishop Harbor Road in the town of Palmetto.

4. Edward Medard Reservoir

Don’t forget that the Tampa Bay area also has freshwater hotspots. Don’t miss the opportunity to fish for largemouth bass and sun bass at Edward Medard Reservoir in Hillsborough County. Because the reservoir is a reclaimed phosphate mine, the bottom contours of the lake are irregular, with some areas reaching depths up to 33 feet. The changes in depth and irregularities in the bottom make this one of the best places to try freshwater fishing in Florida.

5. Tarpon Lake

If you want to know where to fish for trophy bass in Tampa Bay, consider Lake Tarpon. When it comes to good fishing spots in Tampa Bay for freshwater anglers, Lake Tarpon always counts. In fact, biologists from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission rate the lake as one of the top 10 bass lakes in the state of Florida. Try fishing the points and offshore structure on Lake Tarpon during the warmest times of the day during the summer months.

Now that you know some of the saltwater and freshwater hotspots in Tampa Bay, make sure you have the right gear and gear for the location and species you want to target.