5 Strategies to Increase Your Dog’s Fitness and Muscle Health This Fall

5 Strategies to Increase Your Dog's Fitness and Muscle Health This Fall

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When the weather cools down and we all enjoy longer, more strenuous walks with our dogs, it is important to properly prepare to improve your dog’s fitness. Today we have a guest post by Dr. Albert Ahn, Myos Pet Veterinary Advisor on How To Increase Your Dog’s Strength To Improve Your Dog’s Walking!

Fall is just around the corner and it’s a great time to improve your dog’s fitness level and muscle health. Not only is the weather just right for a range of outdoor activities with your four-legged friend, but timing is beneficial too. Winter often leads to more sedentary lifestyle (since you can’t go outside as much or for so long thanks to the cool temperatures!), Which leads to muscle wasting.

Prepare your dog for this time Focus on muscles and strength can help prevent your dog from losing as much muscle mass.

Why is it so important to keep it? Muscle plays a large (and underrated) role in many of your dog’s bodily functions. It affects Energy level, metabolism, Move, balance, and Bone healthjust to name a few. The fit and strong you can keep your dog, the healthier he / she can be.

Are you wondering how to do that? Here are five strategies to improve your dog’s fitness and muscle health:

Do a good exercise

Good old practice! It really is a game changer for dogs just as it is for humans.

By staying in tune with physical activity and exercise, you can increase your strength and maintain your weight. It is recommended to go outside as far as possible. fresh air and sunshine can help Reduce stress (Yes, dogs get stressed!) And can help improve mood.

Some exercise ideas to consider include walking, jogging, playing fetch, and practicing agility.

Surprisingly, even giving your dog a puzzle to play with can increase strength as your dog will be forced to shift weight regularly as the puzzle is solved.

If your area is too cold to take things outside, a dog treadmill can help, although you MUST supervise your dog during this activity to avoid serious injury. If your dog is older or has joint or muscle problems like arthritis, low-impact activities like swimming or hydrotherapy can be equally effective alternatives.

Implement a healthy diet

Dog and puppy autumn

Maintaining a healthy weight can certainly help improve a dog’s fitness ability and support healthy muscle mass.

If with one healthy weightDogs have greater agility and agility. If you are heavy, there is a higher risk of damage to joints, ligaments and bones, and of certain metabolic diseases such as diabetes mellitus.

The correct weight will depend on factors specific to your dog, such as breed and size. I often emphasize that dog owners are looking for healthy, nutritious Dog food options that have just been through minimal processing.

A veterinarian can help you determine which diet is right for your dog!

Complete if necessary

Dog reads books

To keep dog muscles healthy, I would recommend using a natural, muscle support ingredient like Fortetropin®. This supplement has been clinically proven to increase muscle mass and reduce the risk of atrophy, which means that it is useful for both prevention and repair.

I often recommend it to my patients because it is so important Muscle health is for general health and wellbeing.

In addition to general care, it can be a helpful addition to treatments for arthritis, muscle wasting, and post-operative recovery.

Also to Reduce inflammationyou can incorporate other natural remedies like CBD oil, fish oil, and turmeric that can help keep the joints lubricated. When combined with Fortetropin, they can improve your dog’s ability to continue to exercise strength.

Support rest and relaxation

sleeping dog in bed

Recovery is crucial for general fitness! Think about how you can recover from the day and prepare for the next day: you want good sleep, healthy food, and lots of water!

So think about these factors for your dog too! Invest in a Quality dog ​​bed to ensure the quality of rest; They make well-padded orthopedic models.

Last, Keep the bowl of water full so that your dog always has access to water! Water helps keep the joints lubricated and cushioned, which makes movement easier.

If you’re looking for creative ways to keep your dog hydrated, try making your own popsicle!

Consider rehabilitation and physical therapy

Dog in the hydrotherapy tub

Even if your puppy has no underlying health issues, rehabilitation and physical therapy programs can be used to increase strength, fitness, and functionality.

Therapists can work with dogs to improve mobility and alignment through modalities such as: PROM exercises (Passive Motion Range)Special activities to strategically improve muscle health are integrated, e.g. B. climbing on inflatable discs, walking on underwater treadmills and running through obstacle courses.

Hope this article has inspired you to keep your dog active and strong this fall! There are so many ways pet owners can help improve their dogs’ overall health, and muscle health is one of the most important. I strongly encourage pet parents to do so Make building dog muscle strength a priority before the winter weather hits.