5 reasons to get your fishing license online

5 reasons to get your fishing license online

What’s the fastest, easiest way to get a fishing license when the bite is on? The answer to this question is simple; Get your license online. All you have to do is search for “get your fishing license online” or go to the Take Me Fishing ™ status pages.

Yes, it really is that simple. Also, there are several reasons why buying your fishing license online is the way to go.

  1. They know that the super early bird or super late bird often gets the worm. The best time to be on the water can be in the morning or evening light. This means that your local tackle shop or license agent may not be open, but the internet is ALWAYS open.
  2. While you are an incredibly patient person when fishing, you may not be the most patient person when it comes to waiting in line behind five people on a Saturday morning when you could catch fish – online saves time!
  3. If you’re planning a trip to another state and don’t know where to get a fishing license there, you can simply buy one online before you set off. Once you arrive, you will be extra prepared and ready to fish.
  4. Many states now offer the option to purchase or renew your fishing license online by downloading a mobile app. In the app, look for a tab or icon that says “Buy a fishing license online” or “Get a fishing license online”. In addition to storing your license information, these apps can be useful tools for checking fishing regulation updates, finding boat ramps, and checking tide charts.
  5. You can review all of the licensing options that are available for your state. In some cases, you can save money by purchasing a long-term license or a saltwater / freshwater license combination license.

Now that you know why it makes sense to get a fishing license online, what are you waiting for? Get your driver’s license, get out on the water, and make new memories with your family and friends.