5 Popular Minnesota State Parks For Fishing

5 Popular Minnesota State Parks For Fishing


Do you want to know where to fish without a license and the nature conservation officer won’t bother?

The answer is most of Minnesota State Parks. More information on MN Fishing and Boating.

Yes, Minnesota residents can fish without a license in dozens of state parks, including parks on Mille Lacs Lake, Lake of the Woods, and other famous fishing waters.

The Department of Natural Resources for Unlicensed Fish was introduced a few years ago as another innovative method of recruiting, retaining and reactivating anglers. The ordinance is also an incentive for families to participate in State Park’s “I Can Fish” educational programs.

I am sharing this information so that you can share it with others. This time of year, many Minnesotans are looking for fun and easy outdoor experiences, and a bit of fishing, hiking, camping, or exploring a state park is a great option. Many parks even have fishing tackle that you can borrow.

While you can fish in most state parks without a license, there are a few exceptions. For example, you will need a license if you are fishing in a lake, stream, or river in a park that requires a trout stamp. Also note that fishing from a boat or a float, or through the ice on a lake completely surrounded by a Minnesota State Park, does not require a license. However, if the lake is adjacent to the park, you can only fish from the shore or wading in the water in the state park.

Where? Here are some popular options:

  1. Bear Head Lake State Park: Plenty of walleye, perch, crappies, and trout.
  2. Father Hennepin State Park: Bass, pike and zander live in Mille Lacs Lake.
  3. Fort Snelling State Park: This state park is just minutes from the subway and is great for fishing.
  4. Glendalough State Park: Large Sunfish and Crappies for the pan and bass for the camera.
  5. Zippel Bay State Park: Catch pikeperch, sucker, bass, perch, and musk in the Lake of the Woods.

Check the names and locations of the MN parks, as well as information about the loan program information in the state parks.