3 reasons you can’t miss Miami Intl. Boat show in 2018

Bruna Carincotte

From February 15th to 19th, thousands of boating enthusiasts from all over the world will meet at the Miami International Boat Show for the five biggest boating days of the year. Boating, aspiring and current boat owners alike can view, get on board and shop for thousands of new generation boats, products and marine technology. The Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation (RBFF) and its Take Me Fishing brand are the official sponsors of the 2018 Progressive Miami International Boat Show, which is well on its way to becoming the largest in the event’s 77-year history.

3 reasons to make it to the #MiamiBoatShow:

1. Family fun on the water

There are many more accessible and versatile watercraft options awaiting you at this year’s boat show, offering an all-in-one experience for family fun. For the first time ever, Strictly Sail Miami will anchor at the Miami Boat Show, creating a comprehensive event with motor boats, yachts, sailboats, catamarans and thousands of accessories in one place. A total of 1,400 brand new boats are available for purchase, including a wider range of accessible and versatile watercraft perfect for new and younger boaters.

2. Find the fishing boat of your dreams

Fishing is the most popular activity on a boat, and the sale of fishing boats is a major driver of the industry’s continued momentum. Check out our boat explorer tool to learn more about all types of fishing boats that are on the market. That way, you can check out all of the freshwater and saltwater fishing boats at the show and make an informed decision about which type is best for you and your family.

3. New experiences for new boaters

Not sure if you are ready to own a boat? There are many other ways to experience boat ownership. Fun, safe and accessible boating experiences are closer than you think. You can rent a boat to test the water. Make sure to check out all of the market options available during your visit to the Miami Boat Show. Not sure which boat terms to know? Before heading to the Miami Boat Show, learn all of the major boating terms and what they mean with this helpful boating glossary.

Before you go to the Miami International Boat Show, check out our interactive map of the best fishing and boating spots in all fifty states. You can use the map to search for bodies of water, find out information about the types of fish you want to catch, boat ramps, marinas, bait shops, license sellers, places to buy fishing tackle and gear, and much more!

Bruna Carincotte

Bruna Carincotte brings extensive international experience in marketing, communication and public relations to the RBFF. Bruna is from Brazil and is fluent in Portuguese, Spanish and English. She has 13 years of experience in communications and has relevant project management skills developed in Latin America, Europe and North America.
Bruna is now responsible for public relations and social media strategies, as well as content development for RBFF’s social media channels and for Take Me Fishing ™ | responsible for campaigns for the Vamos a Pescar ™ brand.