3 reasons why i will teach my son how to fish

3 reasons why i will teach my son how to fish

When I’m not working or on set, I try to spend as much time outside as possible. I’ve always been a person who loves nature and I take every opportunity to connect with nature. Now that I’m a mom, I continue to enjoy being outside and sharing that with my little boy. At first I thought it would be difficult to think of adventures that are kid friendly and fun for the whole family, but it was a lot easier than I thought. We made our home in Hawaii and the options to explore are endless, whether it be swimming, hiking, boating or fishing. Although he is too young for that now, I will definitely teach my son how to fish once he is old enough. My three reasons for teaching my son how to fish are:

1. Enjoy the environment

Being in the water is really a passion for me; My husband and I named our son Ocean, so that says it all. We introduced him to the ocean when he was two weeks old and he loved him. As he grows we look forward to taking him on further trips and teaching him to fish. We want you to be confident and not afraid of getting dirty, playing hard and burning off some of that energy for toddlers.

2. That first fish

If you feel like the first pull on a leash is so exciting, on that second remind yourself why you’re waiting for the first bite. Nothing compares to rolling the biggest one – when you get the chance to roll a big fish you will find it to be one of the coolest feelings possible. The biggest fish I have ever caught is a 30 pound black fin tuna, and I think it was one of my proudest moments. I want Ocean to experience the satisfaction that comes with hard work – and of course the thrill of a catch!

3. Connect with your family

When I was growing up, my sisters and I often went fishing with my father, grandmother, and grandfather. It was something we did as a family and I have such wonderful memories of that time in my life. Can’t wait for Ocean to grow up and join tradition. I hope you continue to enjoy being in the water and eventually fishing because it is so much fun and something we can always do together.

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