3 paw kitten shows incredible strength and wins over vet who helped turn his life around

3 paw kitten shows incredible strength and wins over vet who helped turn his life around

A kitten with three paws won the heart of a veterinarian who helped him change his life.

Little Walkers NYC

A 2 week old kitten was rescued from a hoarding situation when it was found trapped in a box spring in a cramped Manhattan apartment. The pint-sized Burmese lost one of his paws and was taken to the Veterinary Emergency Group for immediate medical treatment.

“It was turned over to the Veterinary Emergency Group (VEG) who asked for help, and we were happy to do it,” said Little Wanderers NYC, a New York City cat rescue and VEG rescue partner, Love Meow.

The kitten Etienne urgently needed intensive care around the clock. Camille Duvieusart BVMS, an emergency doctor at VEG, stepped forward to encourage him so that the kitten could receive the best care while it was being prepared for surgery.

Little Walkers NYC

The little ball of fur was determined and tried to grow tall and strong. His foster mother took care of all of his needs and the dog also came to offer help. Despite its size and age, it became clear that the risk of infection was too great and that surgery was required sooner than expected.

“The surgeons at Animal Medical Center thought it was too risky to wait. So he had an operation when he weighed very little. It was a successful operation.”

Little Walkers NYC

The little fighter perked up after the life-saving procedure and overcame one obstacle after another. He went with Dr. Duvieusart home and quickly snuck into her heart.

It wasn’t long before he got back on his paws, found his balance, and got used to walking with three legs. He even tried to keep up with his canine friend, who was much bigger.

Little Walkers NYC

Dr. Duvieusart nursed him back to health and showered him with love and cuddles. She knew from the start that Etienne had found his home forever.

In just a few weeks, the kitten will be back to its happy, wild self and play, run, and do things like any other kitten. Having three legs doesn’t slow him down a bit.

Little Walkers NYC

“Cats are extraordinary animals and there is a reason they supposedly have nine lives. Their ability to mask and treat pain is incomprehensible,” Little Wanderers told NYC.

“Etienne lost half of his leg in a serious accident at a hoarder’s house. He’s certainly had at least his fifth life with this injury. Thanks to the great team at Animal Medical Center, he had a complete leg amputation and he’s doing fantastic.”

The Animal Medical Center

The little three-legged miracle got a new life, a loving home forever and a dog friend who is difficult to deal with.

He will never have to fight for space, food, or his own safety. Now he can hop around his house like he owns, asking for cuddles and attention when needed.

Little Walkers NYC

“This beautiful kitten survived the injury, had a full leg amputation, and is running faster than a bullet,” Little Wanderer told NYC.

Little Walkers NYC

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