3 essential beach fishing facilities for beginners

3 essential beach fishing facilities for beginners

Surf fishing is popular in coastal areas because anyone with access to a beach can do it! No boat required. To start surf fishing, you need the right equipment. Once you are ready, you need to know basic beach fishing tackle and how to tie them. This simple guide covers three essential beach fishing tackle for beginners.

Top 3 beach fishing spots for beginners

This is a simple guide to three must-have beginner beach fishing tackles that you can easily make yourself.

1. Fish Finder Rig

The fishfinder rig is a versatile setup that lowers your line to the bottom but allows your bait to naturally swim in the water column. Of all the beach fishing tackle for beginners, this is the most popular. First slide an egg board and plastic bead onto your main line, then attach them to a swivel joint. The bead protects the knot from notching from the weight. Attach your leader to the other end of the vertebra and a hook to the end of your leader. Another variant is to replace the egg plate with a pyramid plate with a plastic sleeve through which the main line slides. Both allow the bait to pull on the leash while swimming, creating a more natural presentation.

2. Hi-Lo Rig

The Hi-Lo rig is also known as a double dropper loop rig. The advantage of the Hi-Lo rig is that you have double the bait “in the game”. The disadvantage is that the weight and lines are tight, which restricts the movement of the bait more than other fishing tackle. First, secure a weight to the end of your leader. Next, tie two dropper loops in the guide that are a foot or more apart. Finally, attach a knob to the top of the leader and a hook to each loop. The rig is now constructed and ready to be attached to your main line.

3. Popping Cork Rig

A popping cork rig is designed to get your target fish’s attention through noise and movement while your bait hangs just below the surface. Popping corks come in all shapes and sizes. Some are equipped with swivel joints at the top and bottom for mounting between the main line and leader. Some have slots into which the leader can be pinched and secured with a plastic dowel. To complete the rig, attach your hook to the end of your leader as usual.

With all beach fishing tackle, you should adjust the length of your hook and leader to match the type of fish you are targeting. Learn more about important surfing tips, such as: B. When to go and what to look for. Remember to keep your fishing license up to date.