15 cats who love to terrorize their floppy fish toys

15 cats who love to terrorize their floppy fish toys

Cat toys can be just as enticing to cat lovers as they are to cats.

How many times have you been attracted to the sparkles, wrinkles, and squeaks because you thought your cat loved a certain toy?

Yes, more is happening than we’d like to admit and the evidence is dumped on the floor waiting for the kitty loves to go stupid.

Then there are always certain toys that have a special place in playtime for both you and your cat. And recently, a fun new breed of cat toy flipped both cat parents and their cats! You’ve probably seen the flopping fish toy by now, and you’ve probably already laughed at a video showing how much a cat enjoys that motorized, flaky body thanks to cat parents with social media accounts!

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So many species of fish in the sea

These flopping fish cat toys have fascinated cats worldwide with their catnip scent and battery-powered motor. All of that flapping and turning is driving cats wild. And with a whole school of realistic fish skins, you can give your cat the diversity of an ocean!

People Magazine quoted a happy fish buyer as saying, “I’m never sure a new cat toy will be as good as I hope it will be, but this one sure got it. My three cats have played with it almost continuously, except when I have to take it away to charge it. “

And cats that play regularly are usually happy and healthy kittens. Just check out all of these cats keeping fit with their floppy fish toys!

Flopping Fish Love

Tobias, the tabby cat, is “jI just have to stick to one of my favorite birthday gifts! “

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Oliver Da Cat wants everyone to know: “I love my #floppyfish so much. “

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Princess Cotton encourages her fish to relax!

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Fluffy cat Mr. Tisha says: “and attac da snac ”

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Doc loves his fish so much that he snuggles up close to them while they charge!

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“The lightning against the fish”

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Wide open for fish tails!

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Taco cat “oofficially killed the #floppyfish ”but instead of a snack, this fish looks more like a nap buddy for a comfortable cat …

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Noodle drives kittens wild for a fluttering fish!

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A cat named Elmer sings his love for a floppy fish!

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Mind your business, human! This is between and a cat and a fish …

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Cloud loves to give fishies kisses!

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Pixel only smiles because he’s “ga fish! “

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