10 illustrations from a new book inspired by the Wingspan board game

10 illustrations from a new book inspired by the Wingspan board game

In less than two years, the award-winning Wingspan board game has sold more than half a million copies worldwide in a dozen languages. A new book inspired by the game was released this week. Celebrating Birds: An interactive field guide featuring art by Wingspan is now available from Harper Design.

The book presents the work of illustrators Natalia Rojas and Ana Maria Martinez, as well as facts about birds provided by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. It’s also a guide for fans of wingspan on how to play a version of the game in the real world. Readers can hike in nature, score points based on the birds, nests and different habitats, and provide clues they discover outside.

Celebrating Birds features 181 North American bird species, from the common ones like Downy Woodpecker and Northern Cardinal to the critically endangered California Condor. Beautiful detailed paintings depict each type alongside text and a “cool fact”. We are pleased to present you the following slide show with 10 images from the book. Enjoy!

Barrow’s golden eye


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