10 great places to fish in San Antonio, Texas

10 great places to fish in San Antonio, Texas

If you want great fishing in San Antonio, Texas, you’ve come to the right place. Many public parks offer picturesque surroundings with outdoor activities and phenomenal fishing. Stay to enjoy the hiking trails, playgrounds, sports fields, picnic areas, and even camping. Here are some of the best places to fish and relax in San Antonio.

Family-friendly filled ponds & lakes

Texas Parks and Wildlife has launched a Community Fishing Lakes Program to make fishing more accessible to all anglers. As part of the program, the lakes are stocked with fish all year round and are located within the city limits or in public parks. Here are some of the popular community fishing lakes in San Antonio.

1. Miller’s Pond Park

An urban lake in a 42 acre park. This small pond is only suitable for fishing on the bank and is stocked with catfish in summer and trout in winter. Amenities include basketball courts, a hiking trail, and playgrounds.

2. Brackenridge Park

The trout-filled San Antonio River runs through this beautiful park, making for a great day picnicking, hiking, and fishing in Texas.

3. Woodlawn Lake Park

Woodlawn Lake is located near St. Mary’s University and is stocked with channel catfish. It can be fished from the bank or pier. The park has a gym, pool and playgrounds.

4. Elmendorf Lake Park

This beautifully renovated park offers fishing from the shore or pier, a water play area, and open spaces for walking and biking.

5th Earl Scott Pond

Escape nature at this secluded pond to catch catfish, perch, and perch. There are no amenities so be prepared. The pond is located on Leon Creek Greenway near the Buddy Calk Trailhead.

6. South Side Lions Park Pond

This pond offers shady banks and is stocked with trout in winter and catfish in summer. A playground and other amenities are available in the park.

7. Converse North Park City Lake

This lake is located in a suburb of San Antonio and is stocked with bluegill and catfish annually.

8. Live Oak City Lake

A large reservoir in the middle of a park full of activity with a pier for the disabled. The reservoir is filled annually with trout in winter and catfish and perch in summer.

9. Espada Park Lake

This scenic park is open from sunrise to sunset and is great for fishing and picnicking on the shore.

10. Lakeside Park

The trout-filled lake is located on the east side of San Antonio and is circled by a kilometer-long hiking trail. There are plenty of shady trees under which you can relax.

Big lakes – good for boaters

These are two of the best lakes in San Antonio, Texas to go boating with family and friends and spend a day on the water.

Braunig lake and Calaveras lake

Fishing in San Antonio, Texas is not complete without throwing lines at these two power plant reservoirs. With an access pass you get access to both lakes. Boats are welcome and the most popular species are red drum, largemouth bass, striped bass and channel catfish. If you are fishing from the shore, stand at one of the land points directly opposite the power plant. Camping and boat rentals available.

Medina lake

A 5,400-acre lake with clear water best known for a wide variety of catfish and bass species. Private lakeside camps and boat ramps are available.

Popular lures for fishing in San Antonio, Texas include shade, lobster, chicken liver, night creeper, shrimp, and artificial bait. Check out the Texas Parks and Wildlife website for information on local fishing regulations and our state page to learn how to get your fishing license.