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Press release: European Parliament parties kiss the kiss of death on...

New leaks The European Parliament shows that its three largest political groups, the European People's Party (EPP), the Socialists and...




Great fishing in the heart of Minnesota’s subway area

Wondering where to fish in Minnesota? If so, enter Minneapolis-St. Paul area a try. It has many great lakes as...
Clever fishing boat names

Clever fishing boat names

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Skeleton Dog charges found in tiny box

When animal control officers found Ziggy, she looked more like a skeleton than a puppy. This poor girl was almost starved to death...


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Small Animals

Why You Should Adopt a Stray Dog

6 best reasons why you should adopt a stray dog

When we're outside, we've often seen random stray dogs slowly finding their way towards us. These poor creatures usually rely on...
CGS Hospital in Gurugram launches free tele-OPD for animal lovers

CGS Hospital in Gurugram launches free tele-OPD for animal lovers

Doctors at a Gurugram veterinary clinic recently performed emergency surgery on two dogs. Pablo, a boxer who was bleeding from low...
Does my dog ​​need a winter bed?

Does my dog ​​need a winter bed?

Do you live somewhere with low temperatures in the winter months? If you're a new pet owner, you may be wondering...
Best Dogs for Small Apartments

Best dogs for small apartments in India

In contrast to the large, spacious houses in rural India, the metropolises mainly consist of small apartments with no lawn or land....
Create Mementos of Your Pet

10 ways you can create memorabilia of your pet

Losing a pet is an ordeal any pet owner could experience. It clouds the heart and overflows the soul with sadness...
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